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Chatwin tech is an international development company that partners with the best tech startups and scaleups to build global businesses of the future.

Accelerate Your Tech Startup’s Global Growth

Expanding into new markets can be challenging for tech startups and scaleups. How do you find the expertise, focus, or time to do it right?

Chatwin tech’s comprehensive outsourcing approach offers a seamless and stress-free way to expand into new European markets. With a proven track record of successful global businesses, Chatwin will add profitable revenue growth to your startup or scale-up and increase your valuation.

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Why Tech Startups & Scaleups Choose Chatwin

To gain access to the knowledge and expertise of Chatwin’s managing partners.

To get expert support in the complex task of opening global operations.
To design an effective international go-to-market strategy that utilizes the latest and most effective tactics.
To access mentorship and coaching for the complex process of turning a great product into a great business.
To use mentorship to make the right business-critical decisions.

To leverage the network of Chatwin tech’s managing partners to speed up the go-to-market process.

Eikontech’s Results

Chatwin hired 6 highly skilled team members in 6 months, giving them a team ready for growth.

Eikontech’s Italian business ramped up quickly and became profitable in the first year.

Eikontech’s Italian business went from zero to €6 million in 2 years.

Our partnership expanded to other markets, such as Spain and the Nordics, with Chatwin playing a crucial role in acquiring talent and developing the markets.

“The speed at which we were able to ramp up the Italian business and be profitable was quite impressive.”

Giuliano Stiglitz

CEO, Numatec (Parent Company of Eikontech)

Connecting Tech Startups, Scaleups, & Corporate Partners

You are not expanding blindly when you partner with Chatwin tech to expand into new markets. We connect tech startups & scale-ups with corporate partners in markets worldwide, providing both parties access to a world of corporate innovation.

For Tech Startups & Scaleups

At Chatwin, we understand the challenges tech startups & scaleups face when trying to secure large corporate customers. It can be tough to gain traction in a crowded market and to convince established companies to adopt new technology.

That’s where our deep industry connections and expertise come in. With a wealth of experience and a network of industry contacts, we are perfectly positioned to help you connect with the right companies and secure the deals you need to grow your business.

For Corporations

For corporations, media agencies, and system integrators, working with Chatwin is the best solution for staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of corporate innovation.

Our locations and professional scouting activity in Silicon Valley and Milan give us a unique perspective on the best, most reliable, and most innovative new technology solutions available in the market.

Our team coordinates technology integration to minimize deployment and implementation setbacks, ensuring a smooth transition to innovative solutions in our tech factory.

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We Invest In Your Startup’s Success

At Chatwin tech, we believe in our ability to help tech startups & scaleups achieve great results, and we back up our commitment with a custom investment plan for each company we work with.

Our flexible approach allows us to co-invest, participate in selected ventures, or find a combination of both to secure the funding you need. Our approach is tailored to your needs, considering your goals, challenges, and current business operations. Whether you want to expand into new markets, develop new products, or grow your team, we’ll work with you to identify the best path forward.

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