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What We Do at Chatwin Tech

Chatwin tech is a services company dedicated to helping cutting-edge technology startups grow and succeed globally. Our team provides professional and relevant support, focusing on expanding our clients’ business presence domestically and internationally.

With a strong emphasis on growth in the US and Europe, we leverage our 20 years of experience to help startups navigate new markets and capitalize on opportunities. Whether you need support with market entry strategy, business development, or expanding your customer base, Chatwin tech has the expertise to help you succeed.

Take your technology startup to the next level with Chatwin. Learn more about how we help tech startups and their corporate partners.

Our Leadership

Enrico Quaroni

Enrico Quaroni


‍Enrico Quaroni is a founder and an investor in several European start-ups mainly in the digital business, but not only. In the past, Enrico joined the European Leadership team of Rocket Fuel, a successful Silicon Valley company that developed a world-class advertising technology solution, as Regional Director for Southern Europe and MENA region. He currently holds the role of Executive Director and VP of Global Sales at Fanplayr, a Silicon Valley scaleup.

Richard Frankel

Richard Frankel


Richard Frankel is a long-time digital technology expert, starting as an engineer, then transforming into a widely skilled technology leader. His career developed through technology, product management, operations and general management. In 2008 Richard founded Rocket Fuel, taking the company public in 2013 (Nasdaq: FUEL). Departing Rocket Fuel in 2017, Richard has since been involved in the technology world as an advisor, investor, and consultant.

The Chatwin Tech Mission

At Chatwin, we embody the spirit of exploration and storytelling inspired by the renowned travel writer, Bruce Chatwin. Bruce Chatwin was on the surface an author of travel books. But he considered himself an explorer, interested in unearthing and sharing stories; to do so, he traveled to all continents through uncharted territories, be it geographic or narrative.

We are Chatwin tech because we share the same spirit as the explorer. Just as Bruce ventured into uncharted territories to uncover and share unique stories, we seek out innovative technological solutions to bring to market. Our mission is to lead the way in mapping a successful path for businesses looking to expand and grow.

Our journey is not for the faint of heart; success requires embracing change and facing challenges head-on. That’s why, before embarking on this journey with our clients, we ask two critical questions:

  1. Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and embrace the unknown?
  2. Are you open to receiving honest feedback and facing the tough questions that will drive your success?

Together, let us forge the trail to an innovative future.

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