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Customer Success Story: and Chatwin’s Results

Chatwin established a brand-new adtech business unit for in Italy, producing a staggering +700% YoY growth rate.

Through their partnership with Chatwin, expanded their adtech business to Italy and Spain, with initial operations kick-started in Germany.

Chatwin’s services contributed to a topline growth of 300k€ in revenues for’s adtech business.

Within a short span, Chatwin assembled an adtech team for including a country manager, two sales managers, and a head of programmatic.

“It is wonderful to see adtech revenue jump up. Chatwin has done an excellent job opening new channels and markets for us.”

Massimiliano Squillace


“Chatwin’s expertise in talent acquisition and market development is top-tier. They’ve successfully assembled our adtech team and paved the way for robust revenue growth.”

Massimiliano Squillace


The Challenge faced a daunting task – setting up an adtech business within the Italian territory as a completely new business unit. This involved hiring an entirely new team and navigating the unknown waters of the adtech industry in a new market. The stakes were high and the challenges numerous.

The Solution

Chatwin came to’s rescue with a strategic approach. Regular weekly catch-ups and quarterly strategic planning sessions were organized to ensure smooth operations. With Chatwin’s support, an adtech team was hired, comprising a country manager, two sales managers, and a head of programmatic. This partnership led to an impressive +700% YoY growth, with a topline growth of 300k€ in revenues.

“Our partnership with Chatwin has accelerated our business, and they are a crucial driver of our ongoing profit growth.”

Salvatore Guddemi


Our Ongoing Partnership

Chatwin continues to assist in their expansion efforts, most notably into the German market. The goal is to aggressively expand’s new business, add customers, and ultimately drive profit. As continues its journey of internationalization, the partnership with Chatwin remains integral to its growth and success.

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