Skyrocket Your Tech Startup: 6 Unbeatable Benefits of European Expansion
By Richard Frankel
June 30, 2023

In the competitive world of SaaS startups, going global is often the key to exceptional growth and sustained success. However, understanding where – and how – to focus your international efforts is crucial. In this context, Europe presents a plethora of unique opportunities that can allow your tech startup to truly skyrocket. Here are the top six benefits of expanding your tech startup to Europe.

1. Untapped Market Opportunities

The European market is ripe for innovative technology solutions, particularly from burgeoning US tech startups. The uniqueness of each European market presents opportunities where there might be limited or no direct competition for your distinct product or service. 

Moreover, these markets typically favor a select group of leading companies in each sector. As a result, an early entry could secure a significant competitive advantage, while delaying expansion might give rivals an insurmountable lead. This dynamic makes Europe an exciting frontier for tech startups looking to expand their reach and influence.

2. Access to a Diverse Market

Europe, characterized by its rich mix of cultures and languages, presents a diverse market with varied business practices and consumer preferences. This diversity can offer a multitude of growth opportunities for your startup. By tailoring your technology to meet local needs and understanding how businesses in these markets think, work, buy, and implement new technology, you can gain a competitive edge. This deep insight, often held by new local players, can enable you to access and succeed in markets that might be overlooked by others.

As highlighted by the Boston Consulting Group, the diversity of the European market is enhanced by the rise of specialized new entrants who understand local needs. For instance, London-based startup Synthesia uses artificial intelligence to translate creative treatments into different languages while adjusting the facial movements of actors so they appear to be speaking naturally​. Additionally, digital hubs in cities like London, Berlin, and increasingly in France, are seeing the emergence of new local players, indicating a thriving and diverse market​. Opportunities for partnership or acquisition are proliferating.

3. Robust Infrastructure

Europe offers a robust and sophisticated infrastructure that is conducive to the growth of tech startups, particularly those in the SaaS sphere. With excellent connectivity, strong Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) networks, and a vast presence of cloud services, Europe provides an ideal platform for tech startups to flourish. The availability and accessibility of these cloud platforms make the deployment of SaaS offerings in European markets relatively seamless. 

A report by Deloitte Insights notes that the European tech industry represents sales of €1.5 trillion and more than 8% of European economic output, even amidst challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, indicating the robustness of the tech infrastructure in Europe​. This combination of modern infrastructure can significantly ease operational complexities and reduce costs, especially in comparison to other regions.

4. Talent Pool

Europe is home to some of the world’s leading universities and research institutions and a large, highly educated population. According to Eurostat, in 2022, more than 40% of persons aged 25-34 years in the European Union had completed tertiary education. With roughly 110 million people between the ages of 25 and 34 in Europe, that’s more than 44 million graduates. 

In 2020, 16.3% of all tertiary education recipients were STEM graduates, a number that has likely only gone up, meaning Europe is home to more than 7 million STEM graduates alone. With such a large pool of highly educated individuals, Europe is well-positioned to continue leading the way in innovation and research.

5. Favorable Regulations

Europe has been at the forefront of implementing regulations that foster innovation and competition in the technology sector. For example, the European Union has introduced new regulations to pressure the world’s biggest tech companies to take down harmful content and open themselves up to more competition.

Europe’s regulatory environment can be highly beneficial for tech startups looking to expand. Data protection laws build consumer trust and policies encouraging startups and entrepreneurship can be highly beneficial for tech startups looking to expand.

6. Funding Opportunities

There is a growth trend in venture capital investment in Europe. For instance, in France, venture capital investment has increased 35% annually, going from about €2.2 billion in 2017 to about €4 billion in 2019​​. Additionally, many European countries offer financial incentives, such as tax breaks and grants, to attract tech startups. This supportive funding environment can provide the much-needed financial backbone for your startup to scale rapidly and sustainably.

In Conclusion

Europe’s unique blend of untapped market opportunities, diverse and adaptable markets, robust infrastructure, skilled talent pool, favorable regulations, and robust funding opportunities make it a highly attractive destination for tech startups looking to expand globally. Each of these benefits contributes to a conducive environment for growth, offering SaaS startups a remarkable platform to innovate, thrive, and lead. As the tech landscape continues to evolve, Europe remains a promising frontier for startups seeking to broaden their horizons, scale their operations, and carve out a competitive edge in the global market. 

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